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EcoStructures is an architectural engineering organization with end-to-end capabilities to ideate, design and implement Turnkey Customized Architectural Solutions. We are a boutique firm in the Tensile Membrane Structure Industry, specializing in the design-build of custom tensile structures, fabric façades, tensile roof systems and shade sails.

Established in 2001 with basic work line of fabrication & glasswork, we mastered in the art of glass structures like glass decks, glass staircases, facades, real stained glass panel works. We believe that organizations are only as strong as the people who build and support them. For this reason, we surround ourselves with quality individuals dedicated to innovation and excellence. Our team of designers and workforce of professionals have been committed to design and develop architectural utility material in an innovative way and bring to life unique imaginations that are functionally efficient and aesthetically comfortable.
Our in-house team of architects, engineers, supervisors & fabricators has been ideating, designing and implementing architectural breakthroughs with ACP, Structural Glass, Asbestos Cladding Panels, Sheds & Skylight Structures with Poly-Carbonate Sheets, Galvanized Sheets, Terracotta Tiles, MS & SS Fabrication for all structural and architectural purpose, space-frames, tensile membrane structures and more.
Our methodical planning ensures prompt and precise implementation of your vision into reality. Every project commences with intensive research & development that forms the basis for our design & engineering plan. The in-depth planning is then executed from our workshop by integrating intelligent project management, expert manufacturing and flawless installations. Our in-house team is thus ready and committed to provide the support needed to maintain the structures.

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