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    Aesthetically designed Space Frames cover large spans. The Space Frames can be cladded with polycarbonate sheets or colour coated metal sheets.
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    The LightPipe™ Solar Lighting System has a light collector, light transfer pipe and light diffuser assembly. The entire system can deliver light into building spaces for length of 15 meters.
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    Parans Brings Natural Light To Spaces Where Light From Windows Never Reaches.
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    Our work starts with ideas & concepts. From generation of feasible models + costing + design engineering + manufacture + installation, we hand hold our customers for successful realization of ideas.


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Exclusive Distributors of Lightpipe, Skylight, Parans, Shading Structure, Space Frame, Tensile Membrane Structure, Light Emitting Plasma

Welcome to Ecostructures

India today is at the cross roads wherein an urgent call for action is required on several fronts from urban planning and design to addressing the problems of water shortage and power crunch.

Due to increase in awareness for the environment, ever rising energy cost, shortage of energy, the widespread awareness of climate change and global warming, there has been a increase in demand for ecological sustainable building.


EcoStructures has helped its clients to save

15 lacs kl of water (pa)

30,000 kwh of electricity (pa)

Disclaimer: Figure based on average savings shown during the time of proposal. Exact values may differ as per actual usage.

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